“Character Loves Company: Defining the “Teachable Moments” in Sports by Pete Paciorek is the best book on the market for teaching our youth character values through sports. This book not only provides great advice, but unfolds character values in different tiered levels that corresponds with how we should be teaching our youth as they develop. View Full →

From Coach Pete Paciorek reflecting on the ability and character of Ryan Schimpf: “Ryan played for me in the summer after his freshman year at LSU. Though his physical skills and abilities were highly apparent, it was his leadership and character that impressed me the most. Ryan is one of those individuals that I talk View Full →

“I had the pleasure of playing for Coach Pete in the summer of 2007. Some may look at college summer ball as a drag or a grind, but my experience was the opposite. He has a love for the game and helping others. I truly enjoyed coming to the ball park to get better and View Full →

“As a cadet-athlete at the United States Military Academy (West Point), I am around many people with the highest values and morals (including Army Generals, Officers, and other personnel) who teach me character on a daily basis, but Coach Paciorek remains one of my greatest mentors and role models.”

“Pete’s comprehensive character curriculum hits all the buttons and confirms the important role that athletics play in helping guide student-athletes toward a successful future.”

“It has been very gratifying and encouraging to see first-hand the work that Pete Paciorek is doing in the field of character development in youth sports. I see his work in character development as the foundation to better prepare athletes to reach their highest potential on and off the field.”

“Pete Paciorek is a trailblazer in character development in youth sports. He has conducted extensive research on character literacy and I feel that he has crafted the most impactful character development curriculum available in the youth sport industry today.”

“What you’re teaching these kids right now, in this particular environment, is going to be with them for the rest of their lives.”

“Pete Paciorek has taken on an important leadership role with his character curriculum to teach the important lessons that at the end of the game, and at the end of the day, identifies the true winners.”