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Character Literacy Development in Youth Sports Curriculum

(8 & 12-week programs & team training)

Coach Pete Paciorek has worked diligently to come up with a fun and engaging way to teach kids involved in sports the valuable lessons in character that athletic competition has the potential of developing inside each one of them. This program is empowering for young student-athletes!

Coach Paciorek is currently leading his program (Fall 2022):

  • Youth character in baseball/softball camps at Millenium Park in Creve Coeur, MO

Coach Paciorek has led his 8- and 12-week CLD Curriculum for the past three years at:

  • Chesterfield Valley Sports Complex, Chesterfield, MO for elementary students
  • Principia School, St. Louis, MO for Middle/Upper School Students
  • Boys & Girls Club, Alton, IL for Middle School Students

Coach Paciorek’s advanced and age-appropriate Character Literacy Development (CLD) curriculum is based on his professional background as well as his studies and research, from which he has come up with 25 major character values of emphasis. These 25 character values create a foundational framework that advances through all the levels in order to effectively and consistently identify, promote, develop, and assess character literacy development in our youth. As a current coach, combined with his current doctoral work at University of Missouri, St. Louis, as well as his research at the University of Florida while earning his master’s degree in Sport Management, plus his previous work as a college head coach and head coach at the prestigious IMG Academy, Coach Paciorek has been working to fill the gap and need for more intentional and deliberate character development in sports.

Coach Paciorek will be leading, organizing, and facilitating his CLD program each session. The curriculum is based off of his current research at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.  as well as his previous research at the University of Florida in character development in youth sports, as well as two UF-Institutional Review Board supported research studies on the topic of focus.

Learning Outcomes for Character Loves Company CLD curriculum:

    • Define the concepts of Character Literacy and Character Literacy Development and how to differentiate between the two.
    • Help the student-athletes to identify with the 25 character values that make up the CL curriculum.
    • Help the student-athletes to promote and development an ownership in the 25 character values.
    • Assess the student-athletes through a variety of classroom activities throughout the summer prove comprehension and appreciation for CL and the 25 character values.
    • Help the students with the application of these character values and to recognize proof of their retention through outreach and community service through character/leadership opportunities.

Character Literacy Development Community Talks

Over the past several years, Coach Paciorek has given close to 100 community talks and presentations on his topic of Character Literacy Development in youth athletics. He has spoken with groups in Southern California, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, and South Florida. These community talks are typically at local recreation centers and schools, though Coach Paciorek has spoken in front of multiple schools for coaching staff and rotary club groups. Though these talks are primarily geared towards parents, coaches, and administrators, Coach Paciorek will also tailor his talks for young student-athletes.

Upcoming Community Talks:

Due to COVID, Coach Paciorek is tentatively planning community talks in the St. Louis area for Fall 2022.

Coach Paciorek’s 30-40 minute presentation first presents the major vices that are corrupting the current landscape of youth athletics. He then shares some solutions and processes that he has developed over the years as a college and high school head coach, as well as insights from his one-on-one interviews for his guidebook from some of the countries top coaches and mentors.

Following his talks, Coach Paciorek takes any questions and concerns from those in attendance. With his guidebook: Character Loves Company–Defining the “Teachable Moments” in Sports: A Guidebook to Character Literacy Development, Coach Paciorek can provide copies of his easy-to-follow guidebook for parents, coaches, administrators, and even advanced level student-athletes in order for them to immediately begin to apply these simple concepts, drills, and activities to their practice and game plans.