The Problem with Youth Sports Today

There are the two major vices that are currently holding youth sports hostage and keeping our kids from rising to their full potential as positive leaders and people of character. The first and greatest culprit is the blatant (or, for some, latent) fallacy that emphasizing character in sports is a sign of weakness, or lack of toughness, and the second, but definitely not the least disconcerting problem, is the “win-at-all costs” mentality that trumps all other character values potentially learned through athletics.

More than 50% of youth and amateur coaches in America are volunteers. Though the intentions of many of these unpaid coaches are good and noble, they are often uninformed on effective coaching practices, and more importantly, how to develop strong character in their teams. My short 30-minute community talks, followed by Q&A provide a starting point to bring awareness to the need for coaches to “own their role” as mentors for the student-athletes with whom they have the fortune of coaching.
How can Character Loves Company help?

pete-baseballCharacter Loves Company offers 2 programs to help cultivate Character Literacy:

  • 12-Week Youth CLD curriculum at local recreation centers
  • Community Talks at local recreation centers and schools across the country on the importance of CLD for parents, coaches, and administrators involved in youth & amateur athletics.