Our Mission

pete-and-kids-baseball-fieldBased out of the St. Louis, MO area, Character Loves Company, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 focused on the development of strong character in youth through sport participation. Character Loves Company works to help youth and amateur student-athletes to better identity with, promote, develop, and assess the 25-character values of Character Literacy Development (CLD) though a systematic and deliberately progressive character curriculum. This building block approach to character building in sports is much more effective than the prevalent a la carte or “grab bag” approach that is found in the youth and amateur sport landscape–where many “teachable moments” are not being capitalized on.


These 25-character values that create the foundation of CLD are the focal points of Pete Paciorek’s recently released book through Amazon entitled: Character Loves Company–Defining the “Teachable Moments” in Sports: A Guidebook to Character Literacy Development. These 25 character values need to be better emphasized and developed through sports participation from youth through early adulthood, where they should all crystallize to form the connecting tissues of lifetime Character Literacy (CL).