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Recent Character Loves Company Programs:

Donate Your Old Glove Campaign

In partnership with the University of Florida’s Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management Program (TRSM), Character Loves Company, LLC launched a campaign this past spring to deliver 250 old baseball and softball gloves to underserved youth in Cuba!

pete-with-glovesCLC Founder Pete Paciorek traveled to Havana, Cuba in early March, 2017 along with students and faculty from the University of Florida. Cuba has a rich history of baseball and Coach Paciorek was able to hand deliver a glove to each and every child the group encountered in need of a glove.

The following 8-week CLD Curriculum began January, 2017:

  • Boys & Girls Club, Manatee County (Desoto Club): 4th and 5th grade students learning functional athletic movement plus character

Community Talks:

Pete gave three community talks in the Bradenton, FL area during Winter, 2017.

$5,000 sponsor donation

Donate to support a 12-week Character Literacy Development Curriculum for 12-15 youth participants at a local sports recreation center or school.

$1,000 sponsor donation

Donate to support a College Day for 20 participants.

$500 sponsor donation

Donate to support a Community Recreation Center Character Literacy Development Presentation.

$250 sponsor for 15 guidebooks or $500 for 30 guidebooks

Donate to provide select quantities of my guidebook to a local recreation center or school: Character Loves Company—Defining the “Teachable Moments” in Sports: A Guidebook to Character Literacy Development. 

Character Loves Company, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all of your donations are tax deductible. We have many different sponsorship options available for you to make a difference in the lives of our youth, or choose how much to donate. We appreciate every donation. Donation checks can be mailed to: Character Loves Company, Inc P.O. Box 14983, Bradenton, FL 34280.

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