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Current Character Loves Company Programs:

12-week Character Literacy Development (CLD) Curriculum programs:

  • Various youth recreation centers around St. Louis

Coach Paciorek’s progressive Character Literacy Development (CLD) curriculum is based on his professional background as well as his studies and research, from which he has come up with 25 major character values of emphasis. These 25 character values create a foundational framework that advances through all the levels in order to effectively and consistently identify, promote, develop, and assess character literacy development in our youth. As a current coach, combined with his work with the University of Florida while earning his master’s degree in Sport Management, as well as his previous work as a college head coach, and head coach at the prestigious IMG Academy, Coach Paciorek has been working to fill the gap and need for more intentional and deliberate character development in sports.

Coach Paciorek will be leading, organizing, and facilitating his CLD program each session. The curriculum is based off of his research at the University of Florida in character development in youth sports, as well as two UF-Institutional Review Board supported research studies on the topic of focus.

Recent Character Loves Company Programs:

Completed 12-week Character Literacy Development (CLD) Curriculum programs:

  • Boys & Girls Club, Alton, Illinois
  • Boys & Girls Club, Palmetto, Florida
  • Boys & Girls Club, Manatee County (Desoto Club), Florida
  • Anna Maria Island Community Center, Anna Maria, Florida

Donate Your Old Glove Campaign

In partnership with the University of Florida’s Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management Program (TRSM), Character Loves Company launched a campaign in 2017 to deliver 250 old baseball and softball gloves to underserved youth in Cuba!

CLC Founder Pete Paciorek traveled to Havana, Cuba in Spring 2017 along with students and faculty from the University of Florida. Cuba has a rich history of baseball and Character Loves Company was able to hand deliver a glove to each and every child the group encountered in need of a glove.

Community Talks:

Pete has given more than one hundred community talks around the country in the past three years. He speaks to coaches, parents, and youth ranging from Jr. High through college aged student-athletes about the importance of character development through the vehicle of sport. He is currently lining up community talks in the greater St. Louis area for fall 2019.

$1,000-$5,000 sponsor donation

Donate to support a 12-week Character Literacy Development Curriculum for 12-15 youth participants at a local sports recreation center or school.

$500 sponsor donation

Donate to support a Community Recreation Center Character Literacy Development Presentation.

$250 sponsor for 15 guidebooks or $500 for 30 guidebooks

Donate to provide select quantities of my guidebook to a local recreation center or school: Character Loves Company—Defining the “Teachable Moments” in Sports: A Guidebook to Character Literacy Development. 

Character Loves Company, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all of your donations are tax deductible. We have many different sponsorship options available for you to make a difference in the lives of our youth, or choose how much to donate. We appreciate every donation to help develop stronger youth character in our communities.

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